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Electron DT® Technology

Electron DT® System

The Electron DT® system is based on a client-server application via the Internet, to solve the need for organization and communication between the various clubs football teams global system.

Client program or computer program available for download from the web, you can perform measurements and tests to players of different football clubs. The results of these measurements are sent over the Internet, to database that centralizes this information. This database is used to follow up on the performance of the best athletes in this sport.

This software not only aims to make measurements at the various members of the football clubs. With the results of these measurements, football teams will be positioned optimally to his players as one of the formations available in the program. Talk of an optimum positioning is that each player according to their current training conditions and physical performance, play their full potential in the position for which you are currently prepared. As a result of optimal positioning, the whole team significantly increase its effectivenes.

All measurements and practices proposed in the program were developed by studying the kinematics and dynamics of motion of athletes, and are referred to world records achieved in various international competitions. Each member of a football team is also an athlete and gymnast. For this reason, the approaches developed are aimed at improving athletic status of each team member. Thus requiring each member to the maximum of their performance in each of these practices.

Moreover, no human being can perform complex calculations intuitively. It should be considered that football players are like any other human being and their skills and abilities, not remain constant over time. The main objective of this system is known with statistical accuracy the physical conditions in which the players are at all times. Knowing exactly the physical condition of each player, it is possible to properly position it in a particular team's formation.

With continued use of this system, the result is the gradual increase in the effectiveness of the whole team. This technology is aimed at developing real football teams and not just individuals.

Electron DT® Professional 1.0

The client Electron DT® Professional 1.0 program, today is essential for the coaching of football teams. The technology has been incorporated, will allow you to recognize, measure and improve the various skills of his team. But most importantly: Can optimally position players on the field, gradually increasing the efficiency of the entire team. This software allows the monitoring of the performance of each of the team members. With statistics reporting skills, you can exchange players from other clubs and will can form the national team. You will see the best players of his country and the world.

Windows compatible software XP/Vista/7/8
For all types of computer, laptops and touchscreen tablets

We guarantee 100% Results

Electron DT® System guarantees 100% results to your team. With continued use of this system, you will see a gradual increase of the efficiency of your entire team. We guarantee that your team will improve the quality of their football. "Practice makes perfect" ¡This is our guarantee!

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¿How much is valued if it winning team of the season? Convert to a winning team means to derive economic benefit to the team and its players. Investing in this technology is the best choice. Other coaches charge exorbitant fees and do not guarantee results. ¡We guarantee results!

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